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Thermopolis Cowboy Rendezvous Rodeo
Dustin Craig

Born into a musical family where music was embedded in the family as much as Church on Sundays, Dustin Craig was quite simply born to be a star. There’s literally nothing else he could do to prepare him for the path he’s on as an engaging entertainer with the kind depth and wisdom that contradicts his youthfulness. Songs like “Bring On Tomorrow” and “Sunday Morning Prayers” showcase his ability as a wordsmith. While after one listen to his powerful vocals on those two and others like “What Would Wyatt Do”, “Her Heart Is A Rodeo”, and “Never Surrender”, it’s easy to get lost in the lyrically driven story songs.

In addition to writing powerful music, Dustin has earned the kind of accolades many rising stars would kill to have. He’s won battles of the bands, he’s appeared on Nashville morning news programs, and he’s able to tour throughout the year, often packing the venues he plays like he was already a star with a handful of mainstream #1 hits and Platinum albums. His songs have aired on the GAC TV broadcasts of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo from Vegas and appear on the recently released movie soundtrack for “Cowgirls ‘n Angels Dakota’s Summer”.

Dustin Craig is an energetic entertainer born from the New School where stage presence isn’t just standing and singing - his interaction and living in the moment with the audience comes across in every song he sings, be it his sturdy original material or choice covers. Performances are raw, real and bring to mind entertainers like Garth Brooks, Jason Aldean and many more.

“My biggest musical influences are Cash, Kristofferson, Jones and Alice In Chains. My heroes are Jesus, my Daddy who taught me those 6 strings & 7 chords, and my Momma - she led me on my path to above all else always care for my fellow man”

While his strong emotive story songs certainly are a main attraction, they’re far from the only ones, as party tunes like “Here For The Beer, “Ready For A Party,” “Fire In The Holler” and, perhaps one of the best tales in his deep well of songs, “Do It Again.” The latter tune has a jovial rock n roll undercurrent while Dustin rattles off lyrics about why he’s drawn to the life of a road dog musician with the refrain of “It’s just getting started and I already wanna do it again.”

While out on touring around the rodeo circuit, Dustin crafted an EP of songs specifically for these folks, and this is where you can find “Sunday Morning Prayers” & “Her Heart Is A Rodeo”, mixed in with up tempo songs “Every Day is A Rodeo” and “The Ride.” It is in these songs where Dustin Craig showcases how well-rounded of a songwriter and artist he is. He’s able to play the up tempo rockers as well as the heartfelt, emotional ballads with the ease of a Townes Van Zandt, Keith Urban and yet another of his influences – Bob Dylan. He’s a modern day musical poet ready to share his master class, and if all music had the raw honesty of the music from Dustin Craig, the world would be a better place for it.

“In your life you suffer loss, experience trials and tribulations, and are granted many blessings, so as I say in my song, Bring On Tomorrow”

Derek Barton
 Derek Barton is a Wyoming native and was raised on a ranch in Buffalo Wyoming. He grew up around cattle, horses and rodeo all his life. Derek was a radio broadcaster for over 30 years and progressed into rodeo announcing in the late 80’s.
Derek is a Gold Card PRCA Member and has announced rodeo all over the country. He is also a sound and music director for many major rodeos and does about approx.75 shows a year. Derek has taken his radio and rodeo background to the next level and is now owner and host of a world-wide radio and internet show, called Talk Rodeo. The show runs 5 days a week, year-round and features interviews with the biggest names in rodeo. He has also been the internet broadcaster for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo at the 50th Anniversary of the NFR!! On top of all that, he works the media room every year at the NFR, talking with all the nightly winners and World Champions, he produces shows for all 10 rounds of the WNFR and is a frequent host and master of ceremony at major events during the National Finals Rodeo. Derek also works at Oklahoma Panhandle State University in Goodwell Oklahoma, he is the “Voice of the Aggies” for all of the sports programs on the OPSU Campus
In his down time, he likes to sing, write music and play drums, is an auctioneer. He has 2 grown daughters, and he is a proud Grandpa to 3 Grandsons and 2 Grand Daughter.
Lastly Derek Thanks God every day for allowing him to continue this path in life and is Thankful for every day he has had. He knows life can throw a lot of surprises at you, as he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer back in 2007 and feels very lucky to still be here and knows God still has a plan for him.




Thermopolis Cowboy Rendezvous Rodeo
Thermopolis, Wyoming
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